Reddo - Better Than Email

Latin Definition: To Replace

Email Sucks

Look at your inbox right now. You will see a myriad of messages, some important, and some that are just straight up junk. Reddo fixes this issue, and we don’t just put spam mail into a different folder like email does. For somebody to send you a message, the user needs to be part of your contacts. No more wondering whether this message is real or not - with Reddo you can be sure that you are only reading information that you need to know.


Everybody hates seeing something like this in their email; “Re: Re: Forward: Re: …”. It is complicated, confusing, and you shouldn’t need to decrypt a complicated message thread for 10 minutes to figure out what you should bring to the office holiday party next week. Reddo takes group conversations and threads differently. Somebody can send a message to anybody, and then you can see what everybody is commenting on it. Look at the picture above and see for yourself.

Ease Of Use

Reddo is the easiest chat application you could use. There is a large send message button in the top right, and there is no more remembering emails. Instead, look through all of your contacts and automatically add them to the message. Then, fill in the subject line and the message line, and click send. That’s it. Reddo is one of the easiest ways to communicate possible, second only to pure talking.

Upcoming Features

The newest feature coming to Reddo is code chats. As a user, you can generate an unlimited amount of these. You can then give them out to people, allowing them to communicate with you as if you were a contact. After conversation, you can choose to add them as a contact or revoke the code. If you revoke the code, all communication with them will stop. Keep your email secure, and get rid of people you don’t want communicating with you.

What Are You Waiting For?